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GFV-400 Ozone gynecologic therapeutic equipment

GFV-400 Ozone gynecologic therapeutic equipment
Product Detailed
GFV-400 Ozone gynecologic therapeutic equipment

GFV-400 Ozone gynecologic therapeutic equipment

GFV-400 Series

Ozone gynecologic therapeutic equipment

Operating instruction manual

    GFV-400 Series Ozone gynecologic therapeutic equipment is used for treatment of active oxygen ions female reproductive system diseases of high technology products.Is the use of ozone disinfection super, so ozone dispersion in the affected area, directly to lesions, the method of killing bacteria, a combination of electronics, microbiology, physiology and pathology of gynecological subjects principle, for the pathological features of gynecological diseases, Low temperature plasma technology to the air in the ionization of gas molecules to produce high concentrations of ozone.Ozone is an efficient, rapid, broad-spectrum bactericidal properties, multiplication of bacteria, bacterial spores, viruses, fungi and other pathogenic microorganisms have a strong role in the killing, treatment Stick (Introduction and gas head) gently enter the vagina, can be efficient Rapid infiltration of lesions, the effective treatment of various pathogenic micro-organisms reproductive system diseases caused by gynecological. Active ingredients can promote epithelial cell growth and the healing of wounds, and then to the treatment of vaginitis, vulvitis, cervicitis, and other gynecological diseases


Before use GFV-400 Series Ozone gynecologic therapeutic equipment, be sure to read the instruction manual and under the guidance of the physician. 


Use scope:

Ozone with the machine through the catheter into the vagina, for the treatment of vaginitis, vulvitis, cervicitis, and other gynecological diseases.

Contraindications: children, pregnant women, perinatal, sick Do not use menstrual period.

Basic structure:

Host by the plastic products, medical rubber hose, soft PVC treat Stick (Introduction and gas head), composed of gas-water mixture components.

 Divided into 3 models: GFV-400-1deskto, GFV-400-2 Portable, GFV-400-3Trolley

The main technique parameters

1. Supply voltage:AC 220V±22V;

2. Power frequency:50Hz±1Hz;

3. Input power:50VA;

4. Electrical safety type:2 class BF type application part;

5. Ozone concentration:Should be in 5 ~ 18mg/L range;

6. Ozone production: Should be in 1800-6400mg/h range.

Method of use

1. GFV-400  ozone gynecological instrument for microcomputer program chip set adjusting time, switch on the power digital display "00" character, press the "+" button to add working hours from 5-30 minutes each time you press the increased 5 minutes. Click "-" button to reduce working hours, each time you press the reduced by 5 minutes.

2. Set the work needed time, press "ON/OFF" switch disinfection work normally, digital display started gumbo slid down when reduced to “00” machine stop working

3. Such as normal work midway downtime press "ON/OFF" switch to stop working.

4. Before using will gynecological treatment bar (guide assembly.there) in distilled water, press the therapeutic switch machine work, active oxygen ion gas tong into the water tank made ozone. At the same time to treatment bar (guide) cleaning and disinfection, after assembly.there after cleaning and disinfection can be used.

5. User lie on the bed, dimensions, connect hose and treatment bar (guide assembly.there)

6. Set working time, press "ON/OFF" switch machine work normally have fish odor, handheld treatment bar (guide assembly.there) handle will treat the bar (guide assembly.there) into the vagina, make fluctuation about sports, cannot force is too big. Make active oxygen gas diffusion achieve the best therapeutic effect. At a time of about 10 minutes for good)

  Product Note, maintenance, transportation storage methods:

1. Preparation of this mechanism can not save the ozone gas, are now prepared to use. Fast due to ozone oxidation, usually 5-20 minutes reduced oxygen. The process of machine work and no secondary pollution residues.

2. Remember! This machine has high pressure inside the machine at work, do not disassemble, to prevent electrical injury people. Production units, if any trouble, please contact.

3. Instrument use environment:

Environmental temperature:+5°C~+40°C;

Relative humidity: Not more than 80%;

Atmospheric pressure:700hPa~1060hPa.

4. The packaging products are available tool for general traffic transport, the transport process should prevent the sun and rain

5. Transport, storage conditions:

Environmental temperature: -40°C~+55°C:

Relative humidity:Not more than 93%:

Atmospheric pressure:500hPa~1060hPa.

6. Product should be stored in ventilated, dry non-corrosive indoor air

    7. Fuse Type: Glass tube fuse, 1A

GFV-400 Ozone gynecologic therapeutic equipment

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